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A Girl in Red

05 November 2013

Red and White, perfect combination, as a perfect combination of childhood and first spring flowers – the start of an exciting journey called LIFE.

Little girl with a snowdrop in her hands twice bigger than the girl herself! Holding it behind her back, little nose up and eyes concentrated on white petals, as if she admires herself as in the mirror!


Два вида красного цвета, не уверена, видите ли вы это на фото?




Design from Faszination Kreuzstitch designer Ulrike Blotzheim, UB Design, Published last year.        This is my second work from the book. Yes, I like it!



Silk threads on white linen, my best guess count 25. Two different reds, not sure you can see that in the photo?

Pleasure to stitch. Washed, ironed and pictured and only now saw that the white drops on the dress are not stitched!

Beads to shine up her dress?

videli nojki


Brims not finished yet but the plan to leave it as it is (with edges done, of course) – anyone against bright colours on your window early spring??!!!??


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