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Easter Stitching

28 March 2013

Catholic Easter this Sunday.
This year our Easters have 5 weeks in between, maybe that’s why snow is falling outside. Winter Easter this year.

[:en]Ulrike Blotzheim Faszination Kreuzstitch UB design

This year decided to stitch Easter Egg design from the book Faszination Kreuzstitch by Ulrike Blotzheim UB design.

Easter egg in pastel shades of light green and blue.

Cross-stitch and step stitch to create lacy effect.

[:en]Faszination Kreuzstitch Easter Egg UB design

[:en]Silver and White edge

To save on stitching time used half transparent silk of the suggested V&H1402 colour (bought it in the store, really lucky me!). The design stitched with silk threads on 16 count canvas. The white-silver outline top highlighted by DMC thread E5200 instead of the suggested Anchor 1.

[:en]Easter Egg UB design

[:en]Beauty of lace

Pleasant and rather fast stitching, thanks to application used.

[:en]Easter Egg UB design

I like the design, lightness and transparency of threads and colour shades in the laces. Should have taken another fabric though – linen or evenweave.
Then could have left it as it is, with the egg as if stepping out of the white…instead of thinking now of how to hide the unbeautiful canvas on the sides.
Thinking HOW?

[:en]Faszination Kreuzstitch Easter Egg UB design

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