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Spring and snowdrops

01 March 2013

First spring day according to calendar and the first bright sunshine! So bright that it hurts the eyes! Who if not we, living in the North appreciate it’s beauty, after 4 months of it’s absence. Blue sky we love you! Sunshine as well as snowstorm or heavy rain chaoses traffic in Denmark. Traffic radio was weeping about bright sunshine and accidents it cased. Hmmmm – hard to please everyone.

Driving though was a challenge and I regretted not having my sunglasses on. Sun was really bright and the front window covered with winter and salt reflected sunbeams showing only vaguely the road. Having parked, walking inhaling sunshine I notice snowdrops under trees – happy me. And it is Friday, weekend is here!

Spring and snowdrops They are everywhere in my garden. I would carefully dig those few snowdrops that survived in spite of my 4 legged friends, divide and plant them every spring. For 7 years now. Consistency pays back: I am writing those words now and white snowdrops all over protected part of my garden are looking at me.

[:en] UB design snowdrops

[:en]First snowdrop ready

[:en]UB design Der Frühling kommt

Snowdrops, tender whites, single and in groups are in my flower beds. My long awaited dream to create them with a needle and thread.

My favourite German designers have lots of them – Acufactum, UB design, Christiane Dahlbeck – slightly different yet the same purity of lines and those long stitched half-crosses. Mine come from UB design booklet “Der Fruhling kommt” – booklet with the most popular UB design motives.

[:en] stitched snowdrops UB design close look

[:en]close look

DMC threads and two linen, Belfast 32 count, RAW, always a success, and a usual sewing linen that I recently bought having fallen in love with the structure and uneven colour. It is apparently much more difficult to cross-stitch on it even though the count is only slightly higher – uneven threads and structure dictate their rules and I have to try several times before I make the right stitch! Unfortunately the pictures do not depict the linen’s beauty and rustic look.

[:en]snowdrops UB design stitched on different linen

[:en]snowdrops on two different linen

First time ever – linen hearts, my first experience of how actually it is not easy to fill them up!!! But I am happy with the result.

[:en]snowdrops linen hearts UB design

[:en]linen beauties

[:en]snowdrops linenUB design

[:en]Spring in my garden

Acufactum ribbon with snowdrops matches the stitched one and a tiny white ribbon highlights beauty.

[:en]linen heart decorated UB design

[:en] heart decorated by Acufactum ribbon

Snowdrops, my creations – those growing in the garden and those stitched.

[:en]snowdrops UB design

[:en]cross-stitched and real

[:en]snowdrops linen hearts UB design


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