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Easter Bunny

04 May 2013

When talking about Easter, Easter bunny is something that no one would probably understand in my world! But here in Europe, this is a main Easter attribute. Last year I was stitching them, this year decided to try a new handcraft. The spring one (missed it so much this snowy winter!)

Leafing this lovely spring book by Acufactum I fell in love with this long-eared one! acufactum

Typical German designed Easter bunny. Lady-bunny in this case.

Slim and gracious in her lime apron.

What an inspiration!

Crawled through German translation, bought the needed fabric and embroidered Acufactum bands and started with enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm was not always there as I moved through some difficult and uninspiring tasks so the process took quite some time.

The result is good, for the first sewn project! Is she not lovely?

Savour! And for those of you willing to try – clik

[:en]Acufactum Easter Bunny

My beauty with fritillaria

[:en]Acufactum Easter Bunny

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