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Déjà Vu or Easter Again

02 May 2013

Easter this Sunday according to Orthodox calendar. The second one for us this year. Usually a a week difference , this year 5 weeks in between.

Holiday time in Russia, International Labour Day followed by Easter followed by Victory Day. Week festivities. Usual working week here.

No Easter cakes baking this year, nor decorated eggs. We substituted kitchen pleasures with Venice pleasures and garden pleasures.

Handmade Easter time – cute handmade Easter eggs.

Kim Kruzich from Retro Mama is behind the idea and I fell in love as soon as I saw it. My first twenty – cut out, sewn, stuffed – eggs or balls?????

[:en]Easter eggs

Easter eggs or…..?

Contemplation night – what went wrong??!!

Selvedge of course!

Second attempt and here they are – cute handmade Easter eggs.

[:en]Handmade Easter eggs

Now eggs for sure!

[:en]Handmade Easter eggs

Birds of a feather….

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