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23 March 2013

I bought PAKO thread organiser more than a year ago when started on my first HAED. Makes things much easier and stitching faster as threads are sorted out and it is so easy to divide them without having to untie and tie back to the traditional wooden or carton one. Decided to try out Needle organiser but found it really difficult to hold on two stacks with the same coloured threads and needles and thus it was left unpacked in my sewing box.


Someone mentioned how they love working with it on my forum, so decided to try it with my Bent Creek Calendar……

Several colours used in different patterns in the calendar, and there is always a thread left in the needle when one month is finished.


And yes, it works!

I will use it with “not that many threads” projects……threads on a usual carton organiser and needles like here!

Thanks for a tip!

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