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Getting ready for Christmas

29 October 2012
Rico Design Christmas Tablecloth Ornament RIco Design новогодняя скатерть елочный шар
Not my style, not at all my style this Christmas Design from RICO (design 73436). RICOdesignBeing on business in a small town Svendborg, on Fyn island in Denmark, where I used to walk so many times in my trips with the previous job; last November, just after finally having recognised my passion to cross-stitching, I opened the door to a tiny creative shop in the main street without expecting to find anything for myself, as you seldom find that in the shops here. To my surprise, together with the baby purse for my colelague’ newborn boy I found also this material and pattern for a Christmas tablecloth. Just to play the stitches on an Afgan! Not started last year, even though the threads were bought right away. Now, after having finished my favourite Christiane Dalbeck table runner and as Christmas coming soon, decided to open the pack……..
The pattern of a not very sharp quality, (srange for a shop in Denmark!) and my failed atempts to find out where exactly I should use those required 3 skeins of Anchor 393 except for backstitch……I started the project with the firm decision that not always we should follow the designer’s mood and if the pattern is not clear, I can cross-stitch the way ,I want , the way I read it!

RIco Design новогодняя скатерть шар

My first Christmas decoration ready,
not ironed as 8 more to embroid,
lots of gold,
ecru and beige…….
three threads feel strange
after V&H one thread,
yet tangled easily the same.

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