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Why we love Primitives

08 March 2013

Primitive Art was never anything that interested me; designs never touched me, neither did Samplers. So much work for nothing!

[:en]Karin Kersten

[:en]Karin Kersten

Came across real primitive works for the first time in Osnabruck when I visited one of the stands with beautiful hand-dyed threads. Oh those threads, so unbelievably pleasant when you touch them and Ноthose attractive colour variations! But what to use them for?

Stand exhibits, mainly samplers, didn’t appeal to me either and this is what I confessed to the owner, who by all circumstances happened to be designer Karin Kersten – those in love with primitives know her “Beardiedesign”.

She smiled back to my confession and we started talking. Designer from Holland, she is not just pleasant to talk to; she lives in creative world of her designs accepting at the same time that not everyone has to like this kind of art and is open to everyone with inquisitive mind.

The encounter left the feeling of a new found friend and I decided to check on Primitive arts as soon as I get home. Joined the interest club at my favourite Devichnik. Well, I got deeply plunged into primitive designs where the seeming simplicity is compensated by delicacy of special threads, linen structure and vintage looks as well as accurate handwork. Delicate and simple, hundreds of designers and company of pleasant stitches and trust me, you want to visit the club every day!

That’s exactly what I did – just slowly testing, reading and admiring works and here I am, trying it myself!!!

Why and how we change our likes and fall in love with something that didn’t at all look exciting in the start! My story is written – is this a natural process and everyone comes to Primitives the same way I did? Or you had it differently? If yes – then HOW?

 [:en]Bent Creek The Red Thread

[:en]Bent Creek The Red Thread Calendar

Bent Creek calendar ”The red Thread” – chain of simple 12 designs connected through by the red thread, as in life it connects the people. Linen and threads ordered. Admired linen beauty and wonderful feel of the threads, pattern ready and (push)

Starting! Evenweave, handmade colour Light Mocca, threads Weeks Dye Works and Simply Shaker from Gentle Arts. As I found out that I stitch best from right-down corner up and left, I decided to start with the last month (weird!!!) Here is my beginning – December. Not yet finished as I am awaiting just ordered threads.

 [:en]Bent Creek The Red Thread

[:en]First stitches!

Now I understand why we like stitching with hand-dyed threads. Weeks Dye Works, so pleasant to work with, evenly covers the linen creating nearly invisible shades turns. I tried stitching several crosses at a time even though majority of stitches recommend one by one. I will only say that if shades are really distinct, you have to stitch one by one, otherwise short rows work fine. And stay alert to cross to cross stitching as soon as the thread shade changes! Do you see the difference below?

 [:en]Bent Creek The Red Thread

[:en]White snowman

Haven’t decided on what to do – leave it as it is or re-stitch cross by cross. J So far managed to control my inner perfectionist; he might win though!

 [:en] Bent Creek

[:en] close look

 [:en]Bent Creek Calendar

[:en]showing one more time

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