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16 December 2012
Two weeks without cross-stitch or any other handwork have been a real challenge. Even though I knew I had to make a break, a small one for the benefit of the future, but lying on the sofa with half-closed eyes most of the time didn’t contribute to my patience, or shall I say “lack of one”?
“My readability” increases with each and every day and I can manage quite some blogging this weekend.
Haven’t yet touched the needle but can’t wait till that tasty Mill Hill and treasures part of the project.
Green Christmas tree, the best timing ever!
 [:en]Liebevolle Kreuztichentwurfe Tannenbaum

[:en]Close look

Recently completed and not posted only due to my search for the perfect frame as well as the desire to find more about the designers, which is another challenge in itself. Googling didn’t add anything to my search except the designers’ surnames and their website which I had already as I got it from one of them during the exhibition Nadel und Faden in Osnabrucke, Germany this September (please, point me in the right direction if you know where I can find that!).

Pleasant ladies, one spoke quite good English which is a heroic deed in itself when it comes to Germany. They do not sell patterns, only kits – assume a fine marketing touch that means more work yet more income and also helps those impatient cross-stitches to start as soon as they reached home.
Abundance of bright optimistic green and blue on their stitched designs on the walls in the exhibition made me spend quite some time there admiring the beauties and reasoning with myself on which one to choose. I left with two, fascinated with the purity of this tree.

[:en]Liebevolle Kreuztichentwurfe stitched tree

[:en]Slim, tender and simple

Linen, DMC threads, 2 over 2 – fast and easy and pleasure was all mine.

[:en]Liebevolle Kreuztichentwurfe stitched winter tree

[:en]Snow on green branches

[:en]Liebevolle Kreuztichentwurfe Tannenbaum in snow

[:en]Snow under the ree

[:en]Liebevolle Kreuztichentwurfe stitched winter tree

[:en]Winter Beauty

Time to frame, and can not make up my mind as both variants seem to be adding their own charm….
Which one to choose?

[:en]Liebevolle Kreuztichentwurfe stitched winter tree

 [:ren]Liebevolle Kreuztichentwurfe tree in snow

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