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Souvenir De Captivité

03 July 2014

Back to the last century. To the beginning of it. As evidence on the back of the stitched work states – First World War, 1914 – 1918. And signature.

Is it of the one who stitched the work?

July 413

A military man on the photo.

Photo decorated with an embroidered frame, satin stiches, this time stitched with real threads and by a definitely more experienced and skilled stitcher. Seems like it is stitched on a usual bed linen, the same as ”a presumably first work of a stitcher”.  Framed with glass in a slightly smaller frame so part of the letters is not visible (a pity, really!).

Framed long time ago, dust from the past decades and small bugs, attracted by the beauty :),  had to stay forever.

July 414

July 417

Souvenir de captivité    – In the memory of captivity

I do not know who this soldier is and I will never know that.

I looked at the photo so many times, trying to decipher his name, written on the pocket of his uniform.

I looked into his eyes.

He is no longer here, gone with the war.

What remains is an old photo in the embroidered frame in the small old stone house in a medieval village in the Southern France.

And this image captured by my camera and inscribed in my memory.

July 410

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