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Farewell to winter

19 January 2013
We have again been blessed this year with snow after three weeks of rain and wind. Frost, unusually hard for Denmark, yet white beauty and oceans of light – just what we need for those long dark winter days. Winter holidays, prolonged for me by festivities from Russian-speaking world, are over. Christmas decorations and Christmas tree will be put out this weekend. Looking forward to blue and green bright colours of spring.
My Christmas Tree projects got framed. Simple white wooden frame, light cream passepartout and colour ribbons matching green branches.

[:en]Liebevolle Kreuztichentwurfe Tannenbaum Tree stitched and framed candle tree

Beautiful Nora got silver antique frame. Silver added more charm and volume to the work itself. It is standing on our dining table and every time I look at it I admire the way the tree steps out silver-grey-blue background.

[:en]Nora Corbett Christmas Tree 2010 stitched and framed

[:en]Nora Corbett Christmas Tree 2010 in silver frame

I am really proud that my projects got framed (in good time and all by myself!) and not just ended unframed in one of the draws.

My gratitude to all of you who helped me choose the frames.

[:en]Nora Corbett Christmas Tree 2010 stitched and framed with candleholder

[:en]Silver with Silver

All that will be accurately packed. A little bit sad to hide the beauties but I know there are new on the way!

[:en]Mill Hill Sun beads

[:en]Sun from Mill Hill

Saying good-bye to winter,
welcoming spring and sunshine.

Sun from Mill Hill, in between serious stitching works – lots of bright yellow, my sun substitute for winter darkness.

The colour is said benefits our spirits – so be it on my desk!

[:en]Mill Hill Sun cross-stitching beads

[:en]Bright yellow cross-stitch and beads

[:en]Mill Hill Sun cross-stitching beads

[:en]Close up on treasures


































[:en]Mill Hill Sun cross-stitching beads


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