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Experiment for Creative Hands

24 January 2013

Special vintage linen could be created by you! What could be better for creative fingers!!! I knew I would try that, knew would be excited, but didn’t plan in any time in the near future. Ordered Belfast Light Mocca linen for my special project only to find out that it was not long enough! This could have made someone unhappy, not me though.

[:en]Vintage Linen

[:en]Before experiment, evenweave on top of Mocca Linen

Rushed through my linen/evenweave stock and found exactly what I needed. Cream evenweave just waiting to become Light Mocca.

Having studied forum thread on dyeing linen at home and I am ready for the project. Collected onion shells, boiled in water, but the fabric turned yellowish.

Hmmmmm ….better change to coffee. 10 minutes of brewing, 30 minutes in cold water with vinegar and ironing until dry. Worked well. In the morning though the fabric is again not Mocca-like!

Second time 20 minutes of brewing, leaving the fabric to cool in the brew, then as per previous attempt.

And there it is my homemade flavoured Light Mocca for lovers of coffee with vinegar!

[:en]Vntage linen handdyed

[:en]Just Perfect!

So, what shall we dye next time?

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