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Denmark Under Snow

20 March 2013

March 20 and Denmark is again covered by thick lay of snow.

It started with a heavy snowstorm warning March 18th, but the promised snowstorm slowly developed into a beautiful all day long snowfall, which still managed to block all roads in Denmark.

[:en] Proud and lazy

Proud and lazy

My real Russian is enjoying the snow, his younger brother jumps around. His more elderly cellmate prefers warmth of the house and leaves it only when in need, his fur coat is not really a winter one!

I love snow!

Everything covered by snow and the promised minus till mid of next week.

And then we leave for Venice, to sunshine and warmth of +16.

Seems unreal when seen from this snowy garden..

[:en]snow in my garden March hounds russian borzoi

Hounds in play

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