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Delicious project

28 November 2012
[:en]Nora Corbett Christmas Trees
My new delicious project – Christmas Tree from Nora Corbett, annual 2010. This is the fifth design of the annual Christmas tree series from Nora Corbett and if you ask me, the most beautiful.
Take a look yourself!
2007 design is also one of my favourites and frankly speaking I would have liked to stitch all of them!


I fancy Nora’s mermaids and fairies, queens and angels – women in their magnificent glory! Choice of colours and shades, special threads and radiance of beads and treasures. Enjoying Nora’s arts and following other stitchers’ processes, didn’t plan my own though. Until this tree. You, who likes to cross-stitch, paints or do creative handcrafting know what I am talking about. Started reading about designs and peculiarities of the stitching process using special threads, beads….
Casa Senina as usual had everything needed for the project.

Put aside my Christmas tablecloth from RICO design and made the first stitch. Two weeks ago. Can not stop since then. Every free minute now is with Nora and her snow laden Christmas Tree.

[:en]Nora Corbett Christmas Tree 2010 silk Creschent Colours

[:en]First evening start

Crescent Colours belle soie silks (hand dyed) on Ocean Kiss Permin Wichelt linen . Two ply over two fabric threads.
The luxury of good linen and silks – soft and shiny with flowing shades, covering the linen easily with even crosses shaping fluffy contours of branches under show. Have to be delicate – once trying to free the floss, the way no harm done to DMC, it flaked into 10 nearly transparent thin threads.
[:en]Nora Corbett Christmas tree 2010 stitched with belle soie Crescent Colors

[:en]Even and accurate

Use needle 28 and cross-stitch “from empty hole to full ” – found the technique last winter when trying to make very even crosses for HAED design. The amazing part is that having normally stitched left-right and down-up, this time do exactly the opposite.And the result is nearly flawless, even the seamy side is pretty, though this is not what I worked hard on!
[:en]Nora Corbett Christmas tree 2010 stitched with Crescent Colors

[:en]Despite business trips last week and lots of things to catch up my tree is growing. Benefit of a rainy weekend,

The silk shades interlink with each other; tried stitching with one folded ply and with two. Like better the second option as it gives a better shade effect, more natural and tender.

 [:en] Nora Corbett Christmas tree stitched with Crescent Colors and Mill Hill beads

[:en]Can’t wait till beads and treasures!!

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