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Christmas Ball

30 December 2014

Snow-white ball on red Aida canvas – three fantastic evenings of long forgotten pleasure of stitching on a thick fabric, without a frame and constant tightening. Just holding the canvas with my left hand while my right one places stitches.

DMC design from 2005, found during one of my treasure hunts in a charity shop. White colour is not really white / it is stitched with rows of 3865 and 3866. One can not really see the difference unless you are really looking for it! Could have stitched everything with just the usual white, but decided to follow the pattern.


Stitched with one thread, pure pleasure!

Just placed inside a postcard as I do not have glue or double sided scotch here, will glue once at home.

This is the only Christmas decoration in my humble house this year, and Christmas is just a word here, so far away from home.


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