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07 November 2013

Oh, this started loooooong time ago.

To be precise – a year ago/ I was going to Brazil on a business trip. Long everyday evenings are all mine so THIS was neatly packed.

DMC organiser with pockets for linen, threads, needles, scissors. Actually two – one for small projects and one for big ones.

October 025

Travel Luxuries

Design LKE, bought at the fair in Osnabrucke last year. Liked the simple motif (I wasn’t hooked on primitives then yet!) as well as that it had everything needed for the project – threads, linen and frame. Easy fix – just stitch it and then frame it.


October 027

Ready since last year

To make the story short – not a stitch was made in Brazil. Nor in Esbjerg, Aberdeen or Venice where it travelled with me later this year. It loved travelling and was 100% sure it would never get stitched! I still had this one percent of doubt, thus my last attempt this September in France.


Last attempt to try and stitch far away from home.travel bag 1



And YEP, I did it!

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