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Winter right in time | Игра в крестики / Playing Stitches
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Winter right in time

03 December 2012

Winter decided to follow the calendar this year. Late autumn Saturday when we were collecting autumn leaves from the lawn turned into white heaven by the morning of Sunday. House, path, roses, just yesterday with a half open bulbs, now snow-fossilized, blooming jasmine, red apples on an apple tree and Stuart, happily dancing under my window.

Evidence below: except for Stuart’s snow-covered nose, He ran out to explore this unbelievable new white world!

* Stuart, a Scottish Deerhound, story yet to be written.

[:en]Garden all in snow

Garden all in snow

[:en]Blooming Jasmine under snow

Blooming Jasmine

[:en]Red and White. Aples and snow

Red and White. Aples and snow

[:en]Fairy Tale

Fairy Tale

Hounds in Play

Unknown creatures in snow

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