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Ode to The Drawn Thread | Игра в крестики / Playing Stitches
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Ode to The Drawn Thread

15 March 2013

Time to seek inspiration and learn more about designs you fall in love with. This one will be The Drawn Thread, sophisticated and charming samplers with gardening, floral and restful themes and very challenging to stitch due to tons of specialty stitches. All use various silk threads Needlepoint Inc and Dinky Dyes, of course with conversion to DMC, all call for linen and LOTS of patience.

This is something I never tired before, thus extremely tempting to try!

[:en]The Drawn Thread First snow

[:en]The Drawn Thread, Freebie First snow

Cynthia Zittel, with an education in Fine Arts and lots of experience in photography and graphics developed into a fascinating needlework designer and has been contributing to our fun and challenged needlework since 1994.

I first stumbled on her designs just browsing through all the beauties the stitching Internet has to offer – here is one of the designs beautifully stitched and decorated – this was what aroused the interest initially and brought me to a page with free charts. So lovely they are!

Karin seems to also be lover of those designs that only triggered my interest.

I started searching and simply fell in love with those full of tiny details and awesome textured specialty stitches.

[:en]The Drawn Thread Moonlight Garden

[:en]The Drawn Thread. Moonlight Garden

Moonlight garden, special stitches texture nearly every leaf and vine, beetles and butterflies scatter here and there and this contract between blue background and the evening white!

[:en]The Drawn Thread The Butterfly Garden

[:en]The Drawn Thread. The Butterfly Garden

Abundance of beautiful wildflowers happily growing in the Butterfly garden, each one has its own butterfly fluttering about and tiny little bees, all created with tons of specialty stitches.

[:en]The Drawn Thread The Herb Garden

[:en]The Drawn Thread. The Herb Garden

The Herb Garden a sequel to Butterfly Garden and this is the one I dare try first!

[:en]The Drawn Thread Book of days

[:en]The Drawn Thread. Book of days

Some office stuff as in Book of Days with its medley of wildflowers and all the days of the week and tiny Pocket Calendars, one for each month, could be stitched separately making little stand ups or all together to create a stunning post. (no images here but you can find them on the website).

[:en]The Drawn Thread Gameboard

[:en]The Drawn Thread. Sampler Gameboard

A Sampler Game board with squares alternating a sampler motif with a tiny house, and all of them surrounded by alphabet, In pretty colonial colours of forest greens, antique roses, grey-browns and blue-greens.

[:en]The Drawn Thread Alpine Garden

[:en]The Drawn Thread. The Alpine Garden

And of course Alpine Garden with crème, moss, rose and slate silky stitches with motives of all sort of pine trees and wildflowers of the mountains.

[:en]The Drawn Thread Lily of the valley

[:en]The Drawn Thread. Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley with silky silver tones and embellished with hand-dyed ribbons and petite beads.


There is not that much information about the designer herself, here is a good article,

not with the most recent updates yet gives an insight into the way those wonderful designs are created.

Her official website offers new and old designs for Easter stitching and gives a link to her blog http://www.thedrawnthread.blogspot.dk/ unfortunately last updated right a year ago.

You can of course find her on Facebook. (look for The Drawn Thread)

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