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20 September 2013

Our new treasure and the reason of this vacation spent at home. Not the whole vacation though, we still enjoyed 10 days in our favourite part of the world, but those two weeks were devoted fully to our new treasure. 15 weeks old and 19 kilograms of super active body with curious nose.

July 510

Our first day together, crossing Sweden.

Well, truly, 15 kilos he was when we picked him up in Sweden, now there are 24, this is quite noticeable every time we have to negotiate the rules of using sofas.

I didn’t write about that, didn’t want then and do not want now. It hurts when our little ones leave us; hurts like hell when it happens completely unexpectedly. Our Vladimir, in his best age, left us within 24 hours. Terrible weekend in July when after having tried everything vets stopped trying.

He just turned 5.


Our first date…..8 weeks old. Love at first sight.



New puppy, also a Russian Borzoi, with beautifully coloured fur and pleasant friendly character. He is a rather brave chap – Percy’s new friend and hopefully new Stuart’s gamemate (a bit scared of his giant paws though :)).





July 542

Are you here for a long time?????

With pinkish nose and pinkish toes, given a try, he would never stop eating !!!!

With his very elegant slim body managed to get stuck between the armchair and coffee table and discovered the part of the house no one ever managed to enter – narrow space between the heater and the window where it is hard even to vacuum clean!!!  Then bored, easily jumped on the table. Undiscovered parts of the garden have been discovered now. Not sure if all.

July 513


July 515










He loves the car and visited Lure Coursing with Stuart last Sunday. Beach, sand or stones doesn’t matter – in the water and run, run, run!

sept 065

What is on going there?????


sept 067

Stuart in the green

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