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Fire and Me

29 March 2013

Winter evening, frosty and snowy.

Warm and cosy inside.

I love the flames.

[:en] Fireplace pleasures

In the summer house in my previous life I would always start my fire, no matter how late I would come home from work. Sitting and watching the flames dance till late night. With friends, a glass of vine, or alone – fire was my absolute MUST evening attribute. Dad would mutter, on the safe side thinking of his property and would always get up late in the night to check that everything was all right after I have gone to bed.

Mom would join me. Not for a long time. Would sit close to me and watch the flames dance, in silence, far away in her thoughts. What about?

Could never ask now.

Have introduced my flames into the new life, as a part-time fire/part-time barbeque first, for the summer months and finally for the winter cold months.

[:en] Fireplace pleasures

Fireplace pleasures

Flames make me feel good even with the rare Danish Winter sun.

Fire flames light my dark winter days and gift me with energy. Fire energy.

Me – Fire.

Me – Light.

Me …. – ?

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