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04 September 2013

Stuart, of course.

Our super-energetic deerhound boy with big deep brown eyes-beads. Just turned 2, teenage period over together with all the little troubles he was so good at. Matured. He missed Vladimir a lot, they just started playing well together since this spring, and suddenly left alone he felt miserable (Percy didn’t count, being 11 years old he could not keep up with energy of the youth!)

We joined Danish Hounds club and decided to try lure coursing. New activity for all of us and new friends – a dozen of gracious whippets, a pair of Galgoes and greyhounds, several long haired afghans, funny small Basenji and tiny Italian hounds. Stuart was the one and only deerhound there, a rare breed in Denmark and a long-time-since visitor of club activities. Not to mention his size!. He immediately became the centre of everyone’s attention and admiration. We were proud, very proud parents indeed.

July 159

One has to be careful when meeting new guys around

The first run was the most emotional, for us. He came to the start, saw the lure, started and went all the way! My heart was beating fast; I was watching him run, fully concentrating on his movements and only started breathing when he reached the finish. Good boy! The more the better – the same friendly company of hounds and their owners, undiscovered before parts of Zealand, green fields, sun or rain and mandatory coffee and cake in the breaks. He would run the full distance sometimes; sometimes only half, thus keeping F fit;

I, with my camera, enjoyed his grace and strength.

sept 154

Got it!

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