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Christmas Sweet Temptations

03 January 2013
Christmas days with all the visits and traditional Christmas preparations were extremely busy and I could hardly make a stitch! Well, Christmas is Christmas, time for the family!

This year traditional Danish konfekt – with marzipan, nougat, nuts and chocolate with fillings of various dried fruit bathed in liqueurs and brandy – were made together with my friend Nataliya who came to visit us from Kiev. A full day in chocolate and nougat added to her appreciation of Danish Christmas Traditions as well as nullified all wishes of sweet dark pleasures for the weeks to come. Feel free to offer.

[:en]Handmade Chocolate Konfekt

[:en]Handmade Chocolate – Konfekt

The family tasted our hard work with great pleasure honorably naming them “avanceret konfekt” – in English and very modest – “sophisticated chocolates”. :)

[:en]Handmade chocolate and Mill Hill

[:en] My Chocolate and Mill Hill

[:en]My favourite are gin and orange marzipan covered with white chocolate

[:en]My favourite marzipan with gin and orange juice covered with white chocolate

Got back to my treasure after all Christmas dinners and lunches with a firm decision to finalize the project by the New Year – but this is in the next post.

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